Self service solutions

Reduce your queues

Self Service Solutions

Information Kiosk

  • Hotel information

  • Production Information

  • Credit Information

  • Hospital information

  • Way Finder Kiosk

Best for
  • Hospital

  • Airport

  • Shopping mall

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Payment Kiosk

  • Mobile Cash Accepting Kiosk

  • Mobile Cash Dispensing Kiosk

  • Cash Deposit

  • Bank Services

  • Cheque clearance

Best for
  • Utility Bills & Mobile Top up

  • Government Taxes

  • Police Fines

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Card Issuance Kiosk

  • Customer ID issuance

  • Sim Vending

  • Car Licenses

  • Driving License

  • Transport Card issuance

  • Wallet, Loyalty Card Issuance

Best for
  • Transport

  • Telecom

  • Government

  • Retail

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Customer Registration Kiosk

  • Customer Authentication, Registration and Customer Services

  • Hotel check-in

  • KYC 

  • HR Management

  • Customer Services

  • Feedback & Survey

Best for
  • Retail

  • Entertainment

  • Hospitality

  • Corporate

  • Government

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Entertainment and Access Kiosk

  • Ticketing and Parking

  • Car Park Kiosk

  • TVM – Ticket Vending Machines

  • Bus & Train Tickets issuing Kiosk

  • Movie tickets issuing Kiosk

Best for
  • Entertainment & Events

  • Cinema

  • Parks

  • Transport

  • Shopping Malls

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Partner Insight

Our clients tell us like it is

Arif Alzarouni - RTA

Project Manager - Intelligent Traffic Systems Department

"MBME has been supplying us with innovative & top-quality self-service and payment solutions for the last 5 years. Their kiosks are reliable, durable and have been tailored to our needs."

Hamad Al Kaabi - MASDAR

Team Leader - Client Relations

"MBME has helped us differentiate and dominate the changing market. Their team has ensured our business is provided with strong competitive advantages and unique selling propositions to help us run more efficiently."

Issa Al Sinani – Etihad Airways

Manager HR Customer Service - People Services

"MBME are experts in their field, they understand our business needs and have helped produce incremental revenue on a consistent basis."

Junaid Shareef – Wall Street Exchange

Manager - Business Development

"MBME has been pivotal in the expansion of our business. They have aided us in increasing our customer touch points and have also made the expansion seamlessly by providing us with timely customer and tech support whenever needed."

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a self-service smart kiosk?

A smart kiosk is a computer terminal that provides people with an interactive self-service access to products and services. Kiosks are typically placed in retail stores, groceries, shopping malls, airports, hospitals and corporate spaces.

How can I pay my bills at an MBME Kiosk?

MBME kiosks offer customers a simple, safe and secure platform. Customers select the category of their choice, select the partner. The screen keyboard will allow you to enter the total amount you choose to pay. Instruction will appear on the screen and this needs to be followed. Customers can then deposit the cash amount or use their credit card to finalise the payment.

What services are available at MBME Kiosks?

MBME offers customers payment solutions across the UAE via our smart kiosks through our wide range of partners ranging sectors such as transport and airline services, utilities, charities and government entities, money & transfer, gift cards and telecommunications.

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Where can I find an MBME kiosk?

MBME can be found at locations across the UAE, we have a network of 1,000+ kiosks spread over the 7 Emirates and remote locations.

What are the benefits of using MBME kiosks?

As a customer, by using MBME kiosks you will benefit by reducing multiple visits to payment locations and can pay most of your bills at one location. With MBME you can choose from 70+ services across 1,000+ locations over the UAE. Our user interface is extremely simple and designed to help customers easily navigate to choose their biller. Customers can choose to pay cash or credit card payments, which is one of the biggest benefits of using MBME kiosks.

How can I top up my mobile?

Prepaid mobile customers can recharge their mobile accounts with MBME mobile recharge services in three simple steps:

  1. Select their network & recharge amount
  2. Choose payment method
  3. Receive receipt with a recharge PIN or instantly recharge account via PIN-less recharge, all directly from the kiosk.