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MBME Software

MBME provides complete customized software by integrating our smart solutions from software application to UX/UI design to create turnkey solutions for clients. We provide self service solutions, based on our wide industry experience to meet clients’ needs by combining and integrating varying elements and aspects of our services to offer a one stop shop for any kiosk requirements. We understand the needs of various sectors. Our experts have been involved in designing and implementing kiosk solutions across different industries over the last decade.

Our approach is unique and efficient. Our software team is well-versed with international standards, PCI compliance, mapped against strict security protocols. First, an expert team evaluates the needs of your business by carefully modeling the workflow and expectations. Based on the findings, your needs are mapped and the best value and quality solutions are designed. Time management is a huge part of our success and we are dedicated to saving your time by creating a solid project scope right at the initial stages to maintain an efficient method of achieving your project goals and needs.

We make it our mission to achieve optimum output for our clients, and we ensure this by working closely to understand your targets to create customized solutions.

Software Features

Kiosk management

We offer flexibility of multiple controls and reports backed up by EMV, PCI and PCI-DSS approvals, providing an extensive proven solution to manage large node kiosk estates.

An extensive range of management information reports are readily available and bespoke requirements can be offered when required.


Our kiosks are connected to Kiosk Studio to allow remote monitoring via a positive heartbeat that pulsates data by individual kiosk. This system allows us to offer continuous real-time monitoring and technical support from our regional support centres.

Operational efficiency is paramount to the success of your kiosk estate, and our dedicated team is here to monitor what you cannot see.

Transactional and revenue reports

Benefit from real-time, statistical reporting that can track commercial performance from all services and kiosks, creating detailed financial analysis for your business.

These are controlled by a secure login system and can be analysed by nominated team member support.

Performance reports

Detailed performance reports are auto-generated and available on-demand. We provide you with instant access to your solutions and services, and can be datamined to feed relevant reports that are vital to your business operations.

Reports include:
• Individual hardware status
• Number of hardware faults
• Consumables monitoring
• Kiosk availability
• Network performance