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FAQs - For Partners

What is a smart kiosk?

An smart kiosk is a computer terminal that provides people with an interactive self-service access to products and services. Kiosks are typically placed in retail stores, groceries, shopping malls, airports, hospitals and corporate spaces.

Smart kiosks are designed to be used by many different people, and they can be optimized to carry out several different functions that can be remotely managed.

Here at MBME, we manufacture and manage bespoke kiosks, touchscreen systems and smart services solutions. We utilize our expertise and experience to offer a complete end-to-end service; from hardware and software, to maintenance and aftercare.

What are the benefits of having an MBME kiosk?

MBME kiosks is a unique, one-stop, self-service solution. Our services offer a wide portfolio range of 70+ services that cover multiple industries and payment needs, for UAE residents and tourists, with the objective of making life simpler.

An MBME kiosk enables businesses to build a better customer experience and attract more customers to your location and in turn drive sales. The advantages that kiosks bring are significant and a growing number of private companies to local government authorities are now utilizing the units to deploy self-service applications. From increased customer satisfaction to lower overheads and increased footfall, smart kiosks can save your business significant amounts of time and money.

Call 800 MBME (8397) or email info@mbmepay.ae to partner with MBME, a UAE company with over 10+ years of local experience and insight.

What are the benefits of using a MBME kiosk for my business?

Having a MBME kiosk makes it easy for your customers to pay you, engage with you and interact with your business with the UAE’s largest payment and government services platform. With MBME, your business can collect bills, dispense ID cards, activate SIMs, issue entry tickets and so much more. Benefit from:

  1. Increasing your revenue by operating 24/7
  2. Expand your brand presence and grow your visibility with 1,000+ locations
  3. Using our solutions as an additional or individual service channel
  4. Reorganize your employees to improve efficiency
  5. Improve choices for your customer
  6. Offer bespoke, tailor-made Self Service Solutions
  7. Partnering with MBME, a UAE company with over 10+ years of local experience and insight
Meanwhile, your business teams can spend more time doing what they do best.

What benefits do you offer telecom operators?

Telecom operators are MBME’s largest partners and we are proud to offer our partners the following benefits:

  1. Queue times significantly reduced – low margin payments & recharge sales move from counter to kiosk
  2. Customer service personnel remain free to focus on high margin sales avoiding the need for manual intervention.
  3. Cash and card payment options
  4. Service fully integrated directly with telecoms network
  5. Increased convenience with unattended self-service kiosks
  6. ROI from reduced staff interaction allowing concentration on high margin sales
  7. Increased brand awareness from a customised kiosk.
  8. Attract customers into store with additional self-service facilities
  9. Transport locations can offer international networks for tourists