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With consumer demand for mobile communication, telecoms and network operations constantly on the rise, we are continually looking for ways to improve customer service in the hopes of attracting new clients while retaining our existing customers. Through our retail locations and out-of-store placements we can increase efficiency and improve your customer’s experience

Mobile recharge

Prepaid mobile customers can recharge their mobile accounts with MBME mobile recharge services in three simple steps:

  1. Select network & recharge amount

  2. Choose payment method

Receive receipt with a recharge PIN or instantly recharge account via PIN less recharge, all directly from the kiosk.

Sim Issuance & Validation

In or out of store, the MBME SIM issuance service operates direct from the kiosk by allowing registration of customer details and activation of the SIM card without the need for teller interaction.

Bill payment

Customers can utilise MBME bill payment service to pay their monthly mobile, TV, internet and landline bills to a registered account with real-time account balance information.

Telecoms service benefits
  1. Queue times significantly reduced – low margin payments & recharge sales move from counter to kiosk

  2. Customer service personnel remain free to focus on high margin sales avoiding the need for manual intervention.

  3. Cash and card payment options

  4. Service fully integrated directly with telecoms network

  5. Increased convenience with unattended self-service kiosks

  6. ROI from reduced staff interaction allowing concentration on high margin sales

  7. Increased brand awareness from a customised kiosk.

  8. Attract customers into store with additional self-service facilities

  9. Transport locations can offer international networks for tourists

International Mobile Recharge

Flash is our fresh new international mobile recharge (IMR) service for simple and fast top-ups of friends and family mobiles in over 100 countries.
Offering services in all major networks, customers can send a mobile recharge home quickly and efficiently. With competitive rates that are monitored against the market, the MBME IMR services bring families closer together.

IMR is our way of contributing towards the development of local communities in which we operate, in addition to making the lives of our customers easier and more convenient.

Money & Transfer

Registered customers can now complete remittance transactions directly from the kiosk.

All that is required is a onetime visit to your chosen exchange house branch to register your KYC (Know Your Customer) data and required beneficiaries, following which you can access your remittance service from the kiosks at any of our locations.


Charitable donations are now more convenient and can be completed instantly from The Cube. A wide range of charitable services are available and can be contributed to directly.


Utility payments are vital and a part of everyday life. These payments are often difficult to make because the barriers that exist due to opening hours, parking issues and locations of the offices. MBME utility payment services eliminates these issues by combining the speed of automated kiosks along with convenient easy to reach locations.

Furthermore, our payment solutions allow biller offices to focus on customer service and be able to focus solely on customer issues. The kiosks act as an extension to the departments involved, by allowing full payment of bills and fines via self-service.


Transport & Fines

MBME offers a wide-range of transport payment services. We believe in convenience and aim to be the one-stop for all payments related to automobiles, public transport and airline services, creating flexibility and convenience for all our customers.

Road toll recharge & balance check

Salik users can check their current balance as well as recharge their accounts directly and instantly from the kiosk. Our system is directly integrated with the RTA systems to offer a simple and efficient, branded service unique to the UAE market.

Parking payments

Mawaqif kiosk services include PVT (fine/traffic violations) payments, permit renewals and m-Mawaqif account recharge to cover all your parking needs. Our system is directly integrated into the Department of Transport’s authorized system, resulting in quick and convenient way to pay your bills.


Through the MBME airline ticket payment services, MBME has made travel more accessible. Expanding our payment channels through our network of self-service kiosks, we offer passengers a new secure and convenient method of payment. As airlines increase their route network, we aim to increase our payment routes across the country.

Entertainment & Gaming

Prepaid cards

Our prepaid card services offer customers the option of owning a payment card that is not linked to a bank account but can be used anywhere the Visa or MasterCard logo is displayed. This includes, retail stores, ATMS and even online payments. Online card payments for customers who don’t have access to a debit or credit card are now made easier with MAF Finance’s MyNetCard. A virtual prepaid card with a onetime load, allows customers to receive all card details that are used for online payments (card number, expiry & CCV number) via receipt from the kiosk which can then instantly be used for online purchases with retailers worldwide.

Access passes & ticketing

Introducing a MBME self-service kiosk to your business provides an enhanced, automated sales force to complement your team. Passes, tickets or access bands can be issues for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual use and can be payable by cash or card. With our post pass payment service you can combine all port payments into one kiosk, with fully managed 24 hour payment solutions with cash and card acceptance. This helps to reduce cash processing and offers daily cash reconciliation options.


Information and services

Providing customers and visitors with information has never been easier. Our MBME self-service kiosks can be updated remotely and offer clean and simple interfaces which attracts visitors at all levels and can be used to fulfil a variety of requirements. Electronically powered and controlled by touch screen interaction, customers can gain access to data ranging from transport tables to local service data.

Extended range

Increase your brand interactivity by offering customers a complete understanding of your range from within the walls of your retail space. It can be difficult to showcase every single aspect of your business, whether large or small, MBME extended range services aims to eliminate this problem by offering your customers an additional touch point from where they can interact with all the products and services you have to offer.

Payment services can also be added to the kiosk allowing end-to-end coverage from browsing to buying, all via MBME self-service kiosk. By creating a customizable user interface linked to your website or product catalogue, we ensure that the service is unique to your retail theme and can be replicated across all your stores in the region.


Our latest generation of Smart kiosks are equipped with instant issuance capabilities to allow instant delivery of personalised products. These kiosks boast control of full KYC (Know Your Customer) data, including biometrics, signature pads, camera, and passport and document scanners. Output options include SIM cards, customized packs, plastic cards, entry bands and other media with a range of designs stored within secured peripherals within the kiosk body, adding an entirely new level of self-service to your business.


Enhance your customer loyalty scheme by giving card holders instant access to reward plans, redeemable via a point system by capturing valuable insight into their shopping habits. Features include having a dedicated kiosk where customers can view their points balance, with optional transaction history features. These kiosks can also be utilised to create questionnaires which customers can use to generate feedback after they have finished viewing their balance, and these services are directly integrated into your back-end system to allow regular content refreshment.

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